Vandalism at the gun range is an on-going concern to the members of the Vermilion Gun Club.  All range construction and maintenance is done by volunteers which helps to keep the maintenance costs down and range memberships affordable for all.  Examples of past incidents of vandalism and damage to range property are shown below. 

The damage to club targets are generally done by members who shoot at the targets with the wrong calibre firearm. Targets that are designed for handguns or rimfire calibres do not stand up when shot at with centerfire rifles. Besides making holes or dents in the targets this type of damage creates a dangerous situation as the rough edges on the target can now cause ricochets that can come back towards shooters on the firing line. This then becomes a serious safety issue.  Please follow the range rules with regards to what  are approved targets for different calibres.

Other photos illustrate damage to range facilities that have occurred by non-members who have broken onto range property and have attempted to enter the various storage sheds. Fortunately, this type of criminal activity has not been frequent but we as members must be vigilant and observant. If you note any type of unusual activity or suspicious individuals who are not actively engaged in normal range activities, please report this immediately. 

If you witness any examples of someone damaging targets, target backstops, range facilities or any form of vandalism please report it to any of the Vermilion Gun Club officers. Contact names are posted on the Range Rules sign at the range or here on the website. 

We need your help to keep the Vermilion Gun Club range viable and a safe place to shoot.

Vandalism June 18  Pigeon shed latch closeup.JPG
vandalism overview 2.JPG
April 17 2015shot 22 steel 2.JPG
vandalism May 11 shot up mover closeup 2.JPG