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2021 Memberships are now available: 

The 2021 VGC Memberships are now available and at the same low prices as previous years. Regular Memberships are $60, Family 

Memberships are $85 (you, your spouse or partner and any dependents under 18 years of age) and Youth (under 18) are $10.

Get your membership at the CornerStone Co-op Gasbar in Vermilion or by downloading an application form from this website and mailing it in with your payment to Vermilion Gun Club, Box 3174, Vermilion, Ab, T9X 2B1. 

Please note that the Combination Number for the main gate to the range and the Sign-in Shed have been changed to the new 2021 number. Refer to your 2021 membership card for the new number. The 2020 combination number is no longer in effect.

Monthly Club Meeting Notice:

It was decided on the annual General Meeting held in November that due to current Covid-19 restrictions that the monthly meetings will be postponed until February. Should the restrictions continue the monthly meeting may continue to be postponed. Watch the Vermilion Gun Club Facebook page for any announcements and updates. 

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