Come out and help at the Vermilion Gun Club's next Workbee on Saturday, June 26, 2021 startingf at 9:00 AM. We will be installing the wind screen on the club house and on the main shooting shelter, taking down the old wood fence behind the main bale berm and some other range clean-up chores. Since we will be having people working on the firing line and on the range itself the gun range will be closed for shooting that day. All volunteers are welcome. 


The annual spring work bee held on April 24 & 25, 2021 was a huge success. A good turn out of members over the two days helped get the gun range in good shape for this year and beyond. The crew of volunteers got more work done than was anticipated. Check out the Gallery section of this website to see some of the work that was completed. The old flax bales were removed and replaced with new bales, a 75 yard target backstop was built . All target holders were replaced, more gravel fill was added to all the target berms, the wood pile behind the blue storage shed was moved and cleaned up, the range bird houses were cleaned out for the coming nesting season, the target shed was cleaned up, and the firing line was modified to accept the new wind barrier. There is stilla bit of work to be completed including the installation of the wind barrier on the west side of the firing line and the removal of the old wood fench behind the flax bale barrier.

A very special thank you to Daryl and Ferbies Sand and Gravel for the use of their loader and to Daryl for operating it. also a huge thany you to Ireland Farm Equipment for the use of their Fendt bale tractor and their employee Ryan Hansen for donating his time to move all the old and new flax bales. Thank you to all the club members who showed up over the two days nad volunteered their time to get all the work done. 




Covid -19 Restrictions in place at the Gun Range.

Wear a mask when around other people using the gun range.

- Practice Social Distancing on the firing line and at the shooting benches.

- Sanitize surfaces before using the shooting benches and other range equipment.

- Limit the number of people on the firing line to no more than 10 at a time.

- Limit your time on the firing line and at the benched to no more than 1 1/2

  hours per visit especially when other members are waiting a turn to access

  use of the gun range. 

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