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Event Cancellation Notice: The 2020 VGC Big Buck Contest has been cancelled due to the current Covid-19 situation. 

Range Status changed to Civilian Use Only Gun Range: Effective June 3, 2020.

Due to the  implementation of the new firearms ban and prohibitions announced by P.M. Justin Trudeau on May 1, 2020 the VGC Executive has informed local Law Enforcement agencies that the VGC range is now a civialian use only gun range. Civilain prohibited firearms, extended magazines and other prohibited devices are not permitted on the VGC range.

To clarify, any member of a Law Enforcement Agency who currently holds a VGC membership is "prohibited" from using any firearm or device at the VGC range that are now classified as Civilain Prohibited by the O.I.C. of May 1, 2020. This restriction on Law Enforcement members is in force when they are not participating in a pre-approved/pre-arranged range rental traning agreement.

In addition, we now require Law Enforcement members holding a current VGC membership use the gun range as "private citizens" and attend the range in civilain attire only. Uniforms are not to be worn when L.E. members access the range for personal use outside of a pre-arranged training rental agreement. All "posted civilain range rules" apply when a L.E. member uses the range as a "private Citizen".

The only exception to the above noted restrictions on the use of the VGC range for L.E. training purposes using "Civilian Prohibited firearms and extended magazines" will be through pre-approved bookings for the rental of the gun range for sole use for the day by the renting agency. The procedure to arrange for the rental of the gun range must be done by e-mail to the VGC and must be done well in advance of any planned rental date. The previous restrictions on rental requests still apply. The rental fee for 2020 remains at $200 per day, however, be advised that the VGC Executive has approved an increase in the daily rental rate to $500 per dayfor 2021.

This new policy on the use of the VGC range by L.E. members comes into effect immediately. 

Notice: the VGC Range has re-opened  on Friday, May 15, 2020. 

The VGC range re-opening will occur as per the Covid-19 Risk Mitigation Guidelines for Operators of Outdoor Shooting Ranges in stages as outlined below.

Phase 1. Partial Re-opening on Friday, May 15, 2020.

  • Firearm and archery ranges open on weekdays and weekends during normal operating times. Close monitoring of site volume, with further restrictions if necessary.

  • Clubhouse to remain closed.

  • Sign-in shed and washroom will be open.

  • Weekly club shooting events to restart following the Victoria Day long weekend.

  • Members only, no guests or spectators allowed on range property.

  • 2 metre (6 ft.) physical distancing is mandatory.

  • Maximum number of people on range property is 15.

  • Members are to bring their own pens to sign in. Record the time of entry when you sign in.

  • Members are to limit their time on the Firing Line to 1.5 hour intervals to allow other members to access the firing line during peak usage times.

  • To allow for greater physical distancing on the Firing Line some of the shooting  benches have been taken off the line. These are not to be moved back to the Firing Line during this phase of re-opening.

  • During peak usage times members are not to use more than one shooting bench when other members are waiting to access the Firing Line. Only one shooter per shooting bench at any time.

  • Regular use of hand sanitizer (member supplied) is mandatory.

  • Regular disinfection of high touch communal surfaces is mandatory (club supplied on firing line, sign-in shed and washrooms: member supplied elsewhere).

  • Members who are sick or are displaying symptoms of Covid 19 are not permitted on the range.

Phase 2: Full Re-opening, Date TBD, pending outcome of Stage 2 of Provincial Relaunch Plan

  • Full opening of range property and range firing line for normal use.

  • Guests may enter the property according to current guest policies.

  • 2 metre (6 ft.) phsyical distancing mandatory.

  • Regular use of hand sanitizer (member supplied) is recommended.

  • Regular disinfection (club supplied) of high-touch communal surfaces is recommended.

  • Club House re-opened. 

Memberships Renewal Time:

Be sure to renew your Vermilion Gun Club membership as soon as possible to ensure continued access to the Vermilion Gun Club Gun Range. Memberships are available for purchase and pick-up at the Vermilion Cornerstone Co-op Gasbar or by downloading a membership application from the Membership section of this website. Fill in the form and include payment and we will send you a 2020 membership card. Prices are the same as last year: $60 for a Regular membership, $85 for a Family membership and $10 for a Youth membership (under 18 years of age only).

Membership allows you access to the Gun Range from 8 AM to Dusk 24/7 year round (unless deep snow conditions in the winter block the road). 


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