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The Vermilion and District Fish and Game Association was formed in 2001 when a group of local sportsmen met to start a club that would lead to the construction and opening of a gun range for residents to safely participate in their favourite shooting sports. After getting permission to use an old gravel pit southeast of Vermilion construction of a gun range started. Through the efforts and hard work of club members, the support of the landowner and the generosity of local contractors the gravel pit was transformed into a fully functional gun range.

After passing the mandatory government inspection the range commenced operations in the summer of 2002 and has maintained it’s government approval status to this date. The club held its grand opening four years later in June of 2005 and hosted local dignitaries and residents to thank the community for the support shown to the club. Over time the members of the Vermilion and District Fish and Game Association realised their sole focus was on the shooting sports and maintaining an operational gun range. To meet the change in focus the club reorganised itself to become the Vermilion Gun Club.

The Vermilion Gun Club also provides opportunities for community and youth groups to utilise the gun range to provide firearms instruction and safe gun handling training. The local 4H Outdoor Club and students from Lakeland College’s Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Program have enjoyed time at the range to receive individual instruction in handgun, rifle and trap shooting. Many of the individuals in these groups are first time shooters and had not handled firearms before.

Types of Ranges provided:

The VGC range currently offers the following types of ranges to provide members different shooting opportunities. We allow use of any restricted or non-restricted firearms up to a maximum calibre of .338 Lapua on the rifle ranges.

Handguns: 25 and 50 yard ranges 

Rimfire Rifles: 25, 50 and 100 yards

Centerfire Rifles: 100, 200 and 250 yard ranges with metal reactive targets.

Shotgun: A regulation Trap layout.

Archery: a 50-yard archery range safely behind the gun range firing line.


Range Hours

Our range hours are from 8 AM until Dusk every day, all year long as long as the road is open and passable (as the road is not snowplowed during the winter months). If there is a range rental event or special shooting event the range may be closed to general use. Please refer to the News Area and the Special Events  section as all range closures or special shooting events will be shown.


Club Meetings

Monthly Meetings: The club meets every second Wednesday of the month starting at

  7:30 PM.            

Meeting  Locations: May-October: the meetings are held at the VGC Range. 

November – April: the meetings are held at  location announced prior to each meeting. Contact an executive member for specific meeting locations prior to each monthly meeting.        

Annual General Meeting: The Annual General Meeting and election of club officers is scheduled for November 10, 2021 starting at 7:30 PM and will be held in the executive member Jim Knauff's shop.

Regular Shooting  Events

During the summer shooting season VGC members can participate in weekly or biweekly shooting events including Cowboy Action Shooting, Trap Shooting or Vintage Military Rifle Shoots. Following are a list of events that the VGC has planned and if you are interested in any of these you are welcome to come out on the days these are scheduled to observe, ask questions or participate in the activities.   For more information on each of these shoots please go to the Weekly Shooting Events section.

Cowboy Action Shooting: The cowboy action shooting practice night is held every Monday evening starting at 7:00 PM and runs till dusk. For more info contact: Blaine Felt @ 780-581-5286


Trap Shooting: Trap shooting is held every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM .  For more info contact: Dave Moore @ 780-853-4402

Each round of trap costs $5:00 if you supply your own shells or $17.00 if you want to purchase club shotgun shells.


Vintage Military Rifle Shoot: This shoot is held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00 PM. For more info contact:  Bob Cholowski @ 780-853-4690

 News And Updates: Please refer to the News and Updates section for more information on upcoming shoots and events.

Visit the club's Facebook page at Vermilion Gun Club for current events, range closure notices, and posting of pictures of members using the gun range. 

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