Firearm Orientation Training, Corporate Team Building or Law Enforcement Qualification Training

We do occassionally host or rent the Vermilion Gun Range for basic firearms training for Youth groups, Corporate Team Building or Law Enforcement Qualification Training.
The club is run by  volunteers so booking a day for an event is based on range availability and the availability of volunteers to host the event. 
If you are interested in holding a group event at the gun range please contact the Vermilion Gun club at vermiliongunclub.ca


  • All "Rental Requests" from any group including Law Enforcement Agencies must be submitted in writing by e-mail to vermiliongunclub.ca to the attention of the Vermilion Gun club Executive no later than 2 weeks prior to the requested rental date. 

  • This is to ensure that the V.G.C. Executive has adequate lead time to review the request, notify the general membership on the date of a range closure and to permit posting of signage regarding the date and time of the range closure due to a rental request.

  • All "Rental Requests" will be reviewed and approved by "no less" than four current members of the club's executive. Rental requests submitted by e-mail will be forwarded to all current executive members for their review and response as soon as possible after receipt of said request.

  • Upon approval or rejection of a Rental Request the applying agency or group will be immediately notified by e-mail.

  • Range Rental Conditions are as follows.

  • Range rental rate: $200 per day.

  • Week Days only (Monday-Friday). No weekend rentals.

  • Daily rental times: Between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. 

  • Monthly Rental Window: For Law Enforcement Agencies the rental window is restricted to May, June, July and August only. No execeptions. 

  • The "Renter" will be invoiced by e-mail  for the requested rental date immediately after the event. Payment is to be due upon receipt of the submitted e-mail invoice.  Any group or agency failing to pay the submitted invoice in a timely manner or are in arears for any outstanding rental payments may have their range rental privileges revoked.

  • In addition the following conditions will apply to all Range Rental Requests;

  • No Verbal Requests for a range rental date will be accepted. All requests must be submitted by e-mail.

  • Any requests submitted in less than the 2 week timeframe noted above will not be considered for rental approval. 

  • Only current members of the Vermilion Gun Club Executive have the authority to review and approve any rental requests. 

  • Any serving member of a Law Enforcement Agency may access and utilize the Vermilion Gun Club range outside of any approved Rental Agreement providing they hold a current annual membership to the Vermilion Gun Club. As a V.G.C. member they must adhere to all V.G.C. policies regarding general range rules, guest allowances and range etiquette as posted and as listed on the club website at vermiliongunclub.ca. However, use of the gun range as a V.G.C. member does not constitute permission of hold "Group Training Sessions" of Law Enforcement personel outside of an approved rental agreement.


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