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The Vermilion Gun Club Gun Range is now a Civilian Use Only facility. In response to the firearms ban and prohibitions announced by P.M. Justin Trudeau on May 1, 2020 the VGC Executive has designated the gun range as "Civilian Use Only". Civilian prohibited firearms, extendeed magazines and other prohibited devices are not permitted on the VGC property. Law Enforcement members using the gun range are not permitted to use civilian prohibitted firearms or devices unless they are participating in a pre-approved/pre-arranged range rental training agreement. L.E. members who are members of the VGC may use the range as "private citizens" and attend the range in civilain attire. Uniforms are not to be worn unless they are taking part in a pre-arranged rental training agreement. All posted civilian range rules apply when a L.E. members uses the range as a private citizen.


As a Vermilion Gun Club member, please ensure that you abide by the following Range Rules and Operating procedures when using the Vermilion Gun Club Gun Range. All new members will receive a copy of the current range rules shortly after joining and will be expected to review and returned a signed copy to verify that they have read and will follow the VGC range rules.


  1. All Persons (Members and Guests) entering the VGC property must sign the Guest Registry Book prior to using the gun range.

  2. Firearms may only be loaded at the firing line.

  3. All unattended or racked firearms must have an  open action or be cased.

  4. When 2 or more people are on an active firing line, one person must act as a Range Officer.

  5. When an unsafe condition is observed on the range, any person may call a “Cease-Fire”. There will be no handling of firearms or ammunition while a Cease-Fire is in effect. Become familiar with the Range Control Commands.

  6. No person shall proceed down range for any reason without checking to ensure that the firing line is safe and clear.

  7. Only Approved Targets (such as paper targets, gallery resetting targets, spinner targets or duelling trees) may be shot at (no bottles or cans).

  8. Binary (Exploding) Targets (such as Tannerite) and Tracer Ammo are not allowed on the range.

  9. No Ground targets (such as ground pounder, walking, wobble, or popper targets) are permitted as these can cause ricochets which can result in dangerous situations down range and off range propert

  10. Members shall not lend their Range Access Combination Number. Unauthorized access is punishable as Trespassing.

  11. Members must have their current membership card with them when using the range.

  12.  All shooters, guests and spectators must wear Hearing protection while on the Firing Line. Eye protection is recommended. Hearing and Eye protection are available in the Sign-In Shed. 

  13. Proper use of FLAGS is MANDATORY!  RED FLAG must be raised before LIVE FIRING or HANDLING FIREARMS! GREEN FLAG  must be raised before anyone goes down the range to set or check targets. Please refer to the RED FLAG - GREEN FLAG safety procedures list below for further clarification.

  14. The range can only be used between 8:00 AM to DUSK. Absolutely no shooting before or after these times.

  15. All spent ammo/brass, paper targets and trash must be picked up and placed in the garbage containers before leaving the range.

  16. Members can bring a maximum of two guests with them. The guests are to be under the member’s direct supervision and are allowed a maximum of two visits per year. Guests must also sign the Guest Registry Book and the Range Use Waiver Form. Those failing to sign-in as required are not covered by range insurance.

17.Consumption of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on the gun range and VGC property.

18.The use of the Barrel Limiters on the shooting benches is Manditory. The firearms barrel must  be kept below the upper bar.



    When the Red Flags are flying it is safe to shoot, to uncase and stage firearms and to move between the Red Firing Line ( red line on front of 

     concrete pad) and the Yellow Dotted Line (running down the centre of the shooting area/shed. 

     At no time may anyone move forward (downrange) of the Red Firing Line when the Red Flag is flying. 

     When a Cease Fire is called the Red Flag is removed and the Green Flag is flown.


    When the Green Flags are flying all individuals on the shooting line must unload and leave actions open. 

    The range is then declared SAFE.

    It is now safe to go downrange and either check targets, put up new targets or remove old targets.

    When the Green Flags are flying all individuals not going downrange to check or add targets are to move behind the YELLOW 

    DOTTED LINE  to the Safe Area.

    No firearms may be handled until all individuals have returned from downrange and the Red Flag is again raised. 

    Firearms may not be moved, cased or touched in any manner when the Green Flags are Flying.

Please pay attention to the new signage that is forthcoming that will explain the FLAG SAFETY PROCEDURES.


Regardless of whether you use the range to sight in your firearm, shoot targets or participate in a shooting event you must first understand and obey the basic Range Control Commands used on all firearms ranges.

The following Range Control Commands are basic commands that are standard for any shooting discipline. Become familiar with them and utilize them while participating in any shooting activity at the Vermilion Gun Club range.



  • Can be called out by anyone on the firing line.

  • Used for both Emergency and routine cease fire.

  • Should be repeated be all to ensure all shooters have heard the command and have stopped shooting.

  • Action Required: Stop shooting immediately, clear the action of the firearm by removing all ammunition from magazines and chamber and then lay the firearm down on the bench with action open pointed downrange and step away from the Firing Line.

  • Await  further instructions.



Action Required:

  • Now shooters may pass the Firing Line or past the bench and go down range to set or check targets.

  • No firearm or ammunition handling is permitted.

  • It is also important to make your activities known to other shooters – if you are placing a target at the 50-yard range as well as the 200-yard range – communicate this with the other shooters.

  • Use the range flag pole to indicate whether the range is safe – GREEN or if the range is hot – RED FLAG.


Action Required:

  • All shooters will observe down range and the firing line to ensure no one is still downrange. Shooters to verbally respond with an affirmative if all have returned.


Action Required:

  • All shooters to put on hearing protection. 



Action Required:

  • Shooters take their position at one of the shooting benches and prepare to shoot.

  • When everyone appears ready on the Firing Line one of the shooters will call out “Is the line ready”.

  • The final preparation command is “Ready on the Firing Line”.


Action Required:

  • Shooters may load firearms and commence shooting.

  • Do not go past the Firing Line or Benches while live firing is going on.

  • When all shooters are finished shooting a “Cease Fire” is called.

  • Everyone stops immediately, clears, and opens the action and make sure all firearms are unloaded and safe.


Members Please Note:

Failure to abide by the Posted Range Rules and Vandalism of any kind at the VGC range will not be tolerated. If you witness any person or persons failing to follow Safe Shooting practices or causing any act of vandalism on the range or to range property, please report it immediately to any of the Vermilion Gun Club Officers. Contact names are listed on the Range Rules Sign at the range itself or here on the website.

Any person or persons who damage or vandalize range facilities will be charged for any damages incurred due to their actions and will have their membership cancelled. Any person failing to follow safe shooting practices will face disciplinary action and may have their membership cancelled.


‘THINK SAFETY FIRST” – Safety and Common Sense must prevail if we wish to keep our range open and a safe place to enjoy the shooting sports.

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